Friday, January 20, 2017

The worst day for America since Pearl Harbor

This may be even worse than Pearl Harbor.  Americans didn't ask Japan to sneak into our territory and nearly destroy our fleet and kill 2800 Service men and women. Americans asked Trump to lead them, asked him to build a wall around our borders, asked him to take health insurance from nearly 30 million people. And he got this "mandate" with help from a foreign government.

It would be bad enough if they had voted a decent man to do this but they didn't ask a decent man. They asked a who has been formally charged with rape,  a child molester, liar, a man who hates women, Latinos, Muslims and has total disdain for poor people. This is a man who you might expect to lead a banana republic or an African nation. A man whose principal emotion is hatred. He has spent his time since the election, not studying and preparing for a job that carries the most critical and dangerous duties in the world but trading childish insults on twitter. A man who just might in a fit of anger blow the entire world to pieces. It's scary to learn that at lunch today carried the protocol and procedures for setting off a nuclear holocaust.

His motto is "make America great again," but his plans, stated plans, will keep America from becoming great again! He has no skills, very little education. Most of his success in business has been by hanging on to his fathers coattails. Just how successful he has been at that is not known because of his reticence for showing his tax returns.

In one of the invocations today, God was asked to help the new administration. But I fear that the fact that Trump was elected may mean that God has abandoned us. I pray that he hasn't.