Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sure, the election is over...but the drama lives on.

After the votes were counted and Donald Trump, the most unqualified, intellectually, ethically and morally, candidate possible was declared the leader of the free world. I was distraught nearly enough to take my wife and take a trip somewhere that no one ever heard of Donald Trump or us. All my friends, liberal friends and conservative friends whose intelligence and wisdom I respect, however convinced me that Trump would be just fine after hearing his interview with Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes. I had become hopeful that he would be OK and I had decided to support him except in his most radicals moves. Folks, he ain't gonna be. If you think the election was dramatic, watch the the unfolding of this administration. A couple of things:

1.When Obama was sworn in, the GOP made their most important plank, "Obama must fail." No matter what happened to the world or the nation, Obama must fail. The solidification of the Tea Party made Obama's job pretty tough except for things he could do administratively. It was the first time in our history that one of the parties so clearly put the party over God or the least that overtly.

2. During the campaigns, Trump told his chumps at every gathering that Hilary was the worst crook that ever ran for president and his first official act would be putting her in jail. It wasn't clear which came first - putting Hilary in jail or suing the rather large group of women that claimed he had molested them. It doesn't appear that he has any intention or ability to do either one. As one of his chumps I am totally disillusioned. Somebody must be imprisoned - either Hilary, the group of 12 or Trump. A promise is a promise - Trump of all people must know that. These two things have to come first - even before making America great again!

It appears to me that the easiest thing appears to be putting Trump in prison  He can approach this with total disdain. He won't have to do a thing. His political enemies, of which there are hundreds will take care of it. It sounds daunting but the ball is already rolling. All we have to do is sit back and help push it along. Helping push it along, however, when the accused is the POTUS with has the power, not only of that position but the private wealth to accomplish it outside of his governmental power. Stay tuned to your tweet and facebook accounts along with those of the principals of this situation.

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