Friday, November 18, 2016

Elections aren't for the lazy minded (History by Brooks)

I woke up on Wednesday (November 9, 2016) the day after election. I had gone to bed on Tuesday before the final gun. I knew that Trump's Chumps had pulled it off but I wanted to get some sleep. Of course, I got none. I knew what the results would be. Nevertheless, I got out of bed about 9:00 AM and turned my Iphone on. The first post I read told me the results. The worst qualified person on the planet was now the leader of the free world.

I got out of bed, dressed and turned on a cop show on TV. I hadn't the heart to read what people were saying. I assumed that Trump would be wearing a self aggrandizing baseball cap and beating his chest...even harder now that he actually had something to beat his chest about! After about an hour I got brave and turned on my TV to a few stations I had been studying earlier about the qualificatons of the two candidates. I had to face it; Donald had won and I wanted to know why and how.

I reviewed the articles that I had been reading about Trump. I wondered if I could find something that told me what I didn't know...something that would make me understand how this bombastic, ignorant egotistical bloviating bully had just "trumped" the professional electoral experts. The best things I could find about our new president was that he was a good business man and was very rich. Even this was modified by his several bankruptcies and the help that he had received from his father.

I looked for a biography on Hillary. the most neutral one (the others were all deliberate pro-Hillary) I found was in Wikipedia.

Clinton was raised in a politically conservative household. She went to Maine South High School where she was elected to the National Honor Society. She graduated with honors from Wellesley
College majoring in Political Science and then received her law degree from Yale Law School. She met Bill Clinton there and were later married.

She worked for several law agencies and worked with several political committees such as the Watergate scandal committee. She was elected as a New York Senator and was appointed by Obama as his Secretary of State.

I looked assiduously for negative material on Clinton and could find none that were documented with fact. Mostly, I found politically motivated articles. The one respectable article I found, maybe I should say the best article, by Ryan Cooper in The Week The article was taken from a book by Davies.

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