Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is the first thing a terrorist in congress would do to help Bin Ladin?

Answer: Stop the START treaty from being ratified.

The GOPhonies leadership is so intent on giving their financial backers a pay raise that they are willing to increase the risk, an increasingly possible risk, of a nuclear bomb getting into the hands of terrorists, that they have threatened to hold the treaty up until their friends get their unneeded tax break. This, in spite of the fact that virtually every military leader and past  national security officials stress the importance of ratification to the safety of Americans.

To put this in perspective, if the bush tax cuts are permitted to expire, a family earning $250,000 would pay an extra $30 on every additional $1000 of income. If they earned an additional $100,000, they would pay $3000 more in taxes. A family earning $1 million per year would pay $4000 for each additional $100,000 income. Most of the Millionaires I know spill that much expensive wine each year.

Even farther down the GOPhonies list of priorities is the extension of unemployment benefits to people who will have NO source of income without assistance. These are not welfare suckers, they are working people who cannot find work. I know some, don't you? The GOPhonies claim they would support it if it were paid for by spending cuts. They "fear the deficit," but unemployment benefits would cost far less than the bush tax cuts and are far more likely to stimulate the economy through spending.

All this is bad enough but even more insidious and with even more probable internecine economic consequences is the GOPhonies threat (promise), to refuse to lift the debt ceiling unless their financial backers get a tax cut.

With American like these, who needs outside terrorists to raise the fear level?

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