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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trump's America - shame on you!

America is 242 years old. I have lived through 90 of those years. Most of them, I only know through reading and study. I started school in Home Gardens Grammar school in 1935 in South Gate, CA.. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Ross was a very good teacher. She taught us about how our nation was formed and about the several wars we fought to maintain the rules and laws via the Constitution established to protect our nation from foreign countries. We did this with via a mighty military. local laws were passed to protect our citizens. Rules and laws were also passed to make it possible for immigrants to leave their homes where life was hard with no laws to protect the citizens. Because of our liberal laws regarding immigration, our country grew very fast and an innate feeling of patriotism grew along with our citizens.

The increased population was not all good; it caused problems that for a time seemed insoluble and the new citizens were blamed and often mistreated. The "Dust Bowl" in the plains states with the concomitant unemployment created animosity toward the workers who migrated to the areas where they were told jobs were available. They usually found no jobs and it increased poverty. I personally lived through this poverty but as "local citizens" we blamed the newcomers and instead of trying to solve the problems, sometimes, to our shame, we participated in the mistreatment of the new residents. These hard times seemingly lasted forever. Actually, as we got further and further involved in the war, the mistreatment of our citizens was mitigated. In retrospect, the treatment of citizens by our government was sometimes shameful; sometimes extremely shameful.

I was a young man of 18 when my family climbed out of the depression. I graduated from high school and in 1948 got work as a lather. This happened toward the end of the unionization movement when I was forced join a union in order to work as a lather. I didn't mind the dues and rules because it gave me a higher wage than non-union workers. Most of the union organization and growth occurred before I was old enough to work. I learned of most of this oppressive anti-union attitude by the government and big business as part of my education and experience.  In 1937, I remember my father commenting to my mother as he was leaving for work, "there's going to be blood shed today!" There was. I was 8 years old; I didn't shed any blood but my father did and I saw his blood. It was ten years later when I was able to join the Lathers Local 40A in Southern California. By then there was no more violence...I just earned a good wage that was provided by the union organizers of the AFofL. I learned of most of this activity in school and through conversation at lunch time by the older lathers who HAD shed blood.

I missed WWII but my older brothers didn't and some of the older men I worked with didn't. Neither did I miss the Korean War. Most of the fighting I read about and heard about on the radio. Through out this period of time, our nation fought with honor and bravery and, along with other young men, and later young women, developed our patriotism. Elections were held peacefully...until my later years. The reins of power were passed from politician to politician and party to party with some rancor but mostly friendly quarreling. Throughout this period of time. I was, for the most part, proud of our country, of our political leaders and our government. Except for a few exceptions it was the best government in the world. But we weren't perfect. I saw our government after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we interned thousands of Japanese citizens in prison camps because we doubted their loyalty. Most of them were good loyal citizens and proved this when given a chance. I served in the army with three of these young men during the Korean War. They were hesitant to criticize the government but I detected some resentment when I discussed it with them.

There were other incidents of mistreatment of citizenry by our government but there were logical reasons for most of these cases and redress was often made. But the treatment of people by the Trump administration who have entered the country illegally with their children is unconscionable. Taking children, weeping and screaming from the arms of their parents, usually their mothers is below evil. Imagine the fear of the mothers and the children when separated not knowing when, if ever, they would be united again. It's not too surprising when one considers the background and prior behavior of our president! But continued support of him places his supporters pretty much at his level.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

The worst day for America since Pearl Harbor

This may be even worse than Pearl Harbor.  Americans didn't ask Japan to sneak into our territory and nearly destroy our fleet and kill 2800 Service men and women. Americans asked Trump to lead them, asked him to build a wall around our borders, asked him to take health insurance from nearly 30 million people. And he got this "mandate" with help from a foreign government.

It would be bad enough if they had voted a decent man to do this but they didn't ask a decent man. They asked a who has been formally charged with rape,  a child molester, liar, a man who hates women, Latinos, Muslims and has total disdain for poor people. This is a man who you might expect to lead a banana republic or an African nation. A man whose principal emotion is hatred. He has spent his time since the election, not studying and preparing for a job that carries the most critical and dangerous duties in the world but trading childish insults on twitter. A man who just might in a fit of anger blow the entire world to pieces. It's scary to learn that at lunch today carried the protocol and procedures for setting off a nuclear holocaust.

His motto is "make America great again," but his plans, stated plans, will keep America from becoming great again! He has no skills, very little education. Most of his success in business has been by hanging on to his fathers coattails. Just how successful he has been at that is not known because of his reticence for showing his tax returns.

In one of the invocations today, God was asked to help the new administration. But I fear that the fact that Trump was elected may mean that God has abandoned us. I pray that he hasn't.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yes, Carrier Employees there is a Santa Claus - Sorta

When he comes down your chimney, he's going to take more than he leaves. The Trump exagerated details of the Carrier deal have finally been released. Trump exaggerated big league.
He ignored the United Steelworkers, handed a big tax break to management, then claimed an exaggerated victory.

His deal saved far fewer jobs than he claimed. Given his penchant for outright lying and exaggerated use of hyperbole is anyone surprised except for his good ole country boys. His deal will have a miniscule negative effect on the country and a larger and more negative effect on Indiana. Trumps deal bribed the company with $11 million in tax breaks for management. Ignoring the lower paid grunts will do nothing to stir up economic activity. What we have here is Reaganomics based on the theory of making the rich even richer with the spillover left for the low paid workers to grovel with each other for a pittance of the $11 million. It seems as no one remembers what happened in 1929 when the upper class never spent their increase on material goods made by the workers because there wasn't anything they needed. There wasn't anything the big guys could do with their cash except invest it in schemes to get even richer with even less work.

If Trumps deal with Carrier is a sign of things to come - and does anyone really doubt that it is - we are headed for some exciting things in the market.The best thing we can hope for is that the Carrier deal is nothing but typical Trump showmanship designed as an early campaign move for 2020. There is plenty of reading out there exposing its cosmetic nature. It has caught the attention of economists of both persuasion. Of course the Trumpketeers are already on the bandwagon and the common press will soon join them.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sure, the election is over...but the drama lives on.

After the votes were counted and Donald Trump, the most unqualified, intellectually, ethically and morally, candidate possible was declared the leader of the free world. I was distraught nearly enough to take my wife and take a trip somewhere that no one ever heard of Donald Trump or us. All my friends, liberal friends and conservative friends whose intelligence and wisdom I respect, however convinced me that Trump would be just fine after hearing his interview with Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes. I had become hopeful that he would be OK and I had decided to support him except in his most radicals moves. Folks, he ain't gonna be. If you think the election was dramatic, watch the the unfolding of this administration. A couple of things:

1.When Obama was sworn in, the GOP made their most important plank, "Obama must fail." No matter what happened to the world or the nation, Obama must fail. The solidification of the Tea Party made Obama's job pretty tough except for things he could do administratively. It was the first time in our history that one of the parties so clearly put the party over God or the least that overtly.

2. During the campaigns, Trump told his chumps at every gathering that Hilary was the worst crook that ever ran for president and his first official act would be putting her in jail. It wasn't clear which came first - putting Hilary in jail or suing the rather large group of women that claimed he had molested them. It doesn't appear that he has any intention or ability to do either one. As one of his chumps I am totally disillusioned. Somebody must be imprisoned - either Hilary, the group of 12 or Trump. A promise is a promise - Trump of all people must know that. These two things have to come first - even before making America great again!

It appears to me that the easiest thing appears to be putting Trump in prison  He can approach this with total disdain. He won't have to do a thing. His political enemies, of which there are hundreds will take care of it. It sounds daunting but the ball is already rolling. All we have to do is sit back and help push it along. Helping push it along, however, when the accused is the POTUS with has the power, not only of that position but the private wealth to accomplish it outside of his governmental power. Stay tuned to your tweet and facebook accounts along with those of the principals of this situation.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Elections aren't for the lazy minded (History by Brooks)

I woke up on Wednesday (November 9, 2016) the day after election. I had gone to bed on Tuesday before the final gun. I knew that Trump's Chumps had pulled it off but I wanted to get some sleep. Of course, I got none. I knew what the results would be. Nevertheless, I got out of bed about 9:00 AM and turned my Iphone on. The first post I read told me the results. The worst qualified person on the planet was now the leader of the free world.

I got out of bed, dressed and turned on a cop show on TV. I hadn't the heart to read what people were saying. I assumed that Trump would be wearing a self aggrandizing baseball cap and beating his chest...even harder now that he actually had something to beat his chest about! After about an hour I got brave and turned on my TV to a few stations I had been studying earlier about the qualificatons of the two candidates. I had to face it; Donald had won and I wanted to know why and how.

I reviewed the articles that I had been reading about Trump. I wondered if I could find something that told me what I didn't know...something that would make me understand how this bombastic, ignorant egotistical bloviating bully had just "trumped" the professional electoral experts. The best things I could find about our new president was that he was a good business man and was very rich. Even this was modified by his several bankruptcies and the help that he had received from his father.

I looked for a biography on Hillary. the most neutral one (the others were all deliberate pro-Hillary) I found was in Wikipedia.

Clinton was raised in a politically conservative household. She went to Maine South High School where she was elected to the National Honor Society. She graduated with honors from Wellesley
College majoring in Political Science and then received her law degree from Yale Law School. She met Bill Clinton there and were later married.

She worked for several law agencies and worked with several political committees such as the Watergate scandal committee. She was elected as a New York Senator and was appointed by Obama as his Secretary of State.

I looked assiduously for negative material on Clinton and could find none that were documented with fact. Mostly, I found politically motivated articles. The one respectable article I found, maybe I should say the best article, by Ryan Cooper in The Week The article was taken from a book by Davies.